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Heghineh Cooking Show – How to Make Armenian Coffee Recipe
Making Armenian coffee is pretty much a routine for us, Armenians .We start the day with that coffee, well, I mean many of us;), we drink it after lunch or early dinner. And we certainly drink it when someone comes over for a quick chat or for anything else. That’s the Armenian way , the best way to bond with family, friends and even neighbors. We call it Armenian coffee, but it’s certainly imported from Columbia,as far as I know:)
Nothing difficult or complicated when making this kind of coffee. All you need is the right roast and grind of coffee, a coffee pot, we call it jazve, and patience to bring it to the simmer .Yes, and of course you will need coffee cups: espresso size 3-4oz cups will be the right choice for making the Armenian coffee. Sugar is to be added to your taste.

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