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How to make Russian chicken pelmeni at home. A traditional and delicious recipe for hand-made Russian pelmeni filled with a chicken, flavored with onions, garlic and spinach! Watch this video to learn how to make the perfect pelmeni! They are cheap and tasty – and you’ll recall your childhood. You will have enough for about 6 dinners with this recipe, so if you are up for suffering through the process once, you will have a nice stash of these in the freezer. Serve these in a good quality chicken broth, or boil and butter them up, then dip in sour cream, vinegar or ketchup.It is so common to eat pelmeni ( dumplings) everywhere in Russian speaking countries.

This dish is very filling; usual serving per person is around 10 pelmeni each. It doesn’t take long to cook them, but the preparation process can take up to one hour. If you make more of them, you can store them in your freezer for later. I prefer them fried, however the boiled soup version is much healthier. Definitely a must try dish, I hope you enjoyed it! They are lovely on a cold winter day. The dough is what really makes pelmeni what they are. When making the dough it’s important to not overdo with the liquid. The dough has to be dense and elastic, so that later it could be rolled out very thin.

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