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Russian Marmalade — an easy sweet homemade treat.Today I made it with lemon, because I love the flavours and its a perfect summer fruit. We may think of marmalade as fruit preserve, but it is definitely not the case in Russia. In Russia marmalade is a traditional jelly candy typically made of fruit. They are usually in fruit shape and are deliciously sweet and sour. It is one of the favorite candies for many children in Russia. It looks a lot like jello candy, but it doesn’t taste quite the same.

180 gr of Sugar

1 tsp of lemon zest

1 tsp of orange zest

25 gr of gelatine powder

90 ml of lemon juice

90 ml of orange juice

Step 1 : In a pan add half of lemon and half of orange juice. Then add lemon and orange zest. Mix everything together. Cook this for few mins until the boiling point, keep mixing with a spoon until mixture reduces a little. When the flavours have infused ( around 5 min of cooking time), siv through the juice so there are no bits.

Step 2 : Add the juice back in a pan with gelatine, and cook on low heat until gelatine is completely dissolved. Then add sugar, mix well and add remaining half of orange and remaining half of lemon juice. Mix everything well and make sure the sugar is dissolved completely. Cook this for 5 min

Step 3 : Prepare a deep dish, place parchment paper and spray with cooking oil, otherwise it will get stuck. Make sure to double the recipe if you want to make more. You can also use any moulds or shapes that you like. Once you pour your mixture, place in the fridge to set completely. This can take a few hours.

Step 4 : Take a board, add the caster sugar and then place your lemon marmalade on top, then add more sugar on top, use your hand to cover the sticky bits and get rid of any excess sugar. Coat from the other side and cut into the desired shape. Enjoy straight away or keep them in a fridge, and they don’t last very long, so best eaten in a few days!


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