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This is soup is a staple of every home cook, Russian cabbage soup, also known as Shchi, is at the center of Russian culinary tradition since the 9-11th century. It is also very popular in Latvia and all the Baltic Countries.

Russian cabbage soup has been equally loved by the rich and the poor. Based on availability of ingredients and observance of religious fasts, the soup could be ‘rich’ or ‘skoromnoe’ (as in ‘fatty’) long simmered in a stock of bones and meat, or ’empty’ (‘postnie‘) including only mushrooms and vegetables. Since Orthodox fasts were long and plenty throughout the year, with animal products strictly prohibited, ’empty’ shchi was an excellent solution to serve a nourishing meal. Affluence notwithstanding, the aroma of sourish garlicky cabbage permeated through residences of both peasants and novelty.

There is nothing (and I mean nothing!) in the world better than a bowl of steaming shchi with a slice of fragrant whole-grain dark rye bread. Rub the bread it with a crushed garlic clove and toss the garlic into the soup for the ultimate real food experience.

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