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Hey guys, I had so many questions about how to break the fast, so I filmed this easy Keto Bone Broth Recipe for you, which is perfect for breaking a long fast with. This should be your first meal after not eating for a prolonged time.


Why Is Bone Broth Good For You?

It is rich in electrolytes (magnesium, sodium and potassium) – helps with “keto-flu”
It is rich in other minerals (calcium, phosphorus)
It is rich in gelatine and collagen (keeps your joints, ligaments, tendons and bones healthy and reduces joint pain, no need to buy expensive supplements for bone and joint health)
helps with muscle repair (great for physically active individuals)
strengthens nails and hair and makes them look gorgeous
It helps heal leaky gut
It fights infections (flu, cold)
It is great for thyroid health and adrenal fatigue issues
It reduces inflammation (the main cause of heart disease)

Can I Buy Bone Broth?
If you don’t have time to make bone broth or find it difficult to source grass-fed bones, there are a number of pre-made options available.

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