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Love it or leave it, candy corn is one of the most divisive seasonal candies. That hasn’t stopped brands like Brach’s from coming up with new and inventive versions, though. No one could forget Mermaid Candy Corn or Turkey Dinner Candy Corn, complete with green beans, cranberry sauce, ginger-glazed carrots, stuffing, sweet potato pie and roasted turkey.

If those wild flavors didn’t do much for you, you’re in luck. Brach’s best, more traditional flavor is back on shelves: Brach’s Pie Favorites! Get ready to indulge in a bag of candy corn that tastes just like your seasonal favorites, pumpkin pie and apple pie.

Who Wouldn’t Love These Flavors?

Per usual, Brach’s Pie Favorites come in classic triangles. The Pumpkin Pie flavor follows the standard tri-toned formula—dark orange on the bottom, a warm, yellowy-orange in the middle and a white cap on the top. The Apple Pie flavor, however, is two-toned and totally reminiscent of your favorite southern dessert with white bottom and a pie crust-colored tip. All the more beautiful for your autumnal candy bowl!

These seasonal candies were spotted by @frontpagefoodfinds on Instagram, and the social media account gave them a winning review, with a slight nod to the Pumpkin Pie flavor. You’ll have to score a bag and see for yourself.

Where to Snag a Bag

You can get this unique candy corn flavor online, courtesy of Amazon right now. If you’re looking to stock up as soon as possible and put the finishing, edible touch on your fall decorating, you can also pick it up in-store at Dollar Tree, Walmart, Party City and CVS.

Wherever you find it, it’s probably going to be easier than baking a pumpkin or apple pie from scratch. But if you’re up for the challenge, we have you covered. No need to be intimidated by baking pies—have no fear—we’ll walk you through how to make the perfect apple pie step-by-step.

Have Some Leftover Seasonal Candy? Try These Recipes!

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