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Enter the Grandma’s Holiday Favorites Recipe Contest by December 31 and you could win $500!

Your favorite lady ruled the holiday season, so chances are, all your classics come from her recipe box. Does her retro ham salad actually make the kids come running? Plus, that layered-up jam cake sounds legendary. And we can hardly wait to load up crackers with a scoop of that decked-out cheese ball. Send over your old-school recipes with 12 ingredients or less for a chance to see it here.


Exciting News!

Starting May 1, Taste of Home is making two changes to our contest awards. The Grand Prize winner will receive one piece of Taste of Home-branded cookware or bakeware along with a $500 cash prize.

We’re also introducing a new prize category: Most Innovative. Judging for this $50 prize will be based on a number of factors including, but not limited to, unique flavor combos, interesting twists on cooking techniques, reinterpreting recipes for special diets, creative decorating and serving ideas, use of out-of-the-box ingredients and more. In other words, we’re looking for recipes that really stretch your creativity. We’re excited to see what you come up with!

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