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Our favorite childhood alien friend is making a serious comeback.

Aliens were always a big deal in my family. Is that a weird thing to say? Well, it’s true. Growing up, my dad was always nose first in sci-fi novels, alien encounter stories and every alien movie you could possibly think of. And while we usually leaned towards little green men with laser guns, E.T. was one of the few that made aliens our friends. There’s something pretty special about our little extraterrestrial friend and his obsession with Reese’s Pieces.

Now E.T. is back in theaters for its 40th anniversary, and we know it’ll be out of this world.

You Can See E.T. on the Big Screen All Over Again

While I wasn’t old enough to see E.T. at the cinema when it first premiered in 1982, I definitely know people who were. It’s become a longstanding Hollywood title all the way to the present…and for good reason! It was a highly-acclaimed immediate blockbuster that even dethroned Star Wars as the highest-grossing film of the time. We really do love space, huh?

Due to its everlasting popularity and success, AMC has decided to present the film again as it was originally intended. Don’t forget to share your buttery popcorn with your friends when you get there. Unfortunately, it won’t be eligible for AMC’s $5 movie tickets, but there are plenty of other movies that are!

When Will It Be Out?

E.T. may have originally premiered in the States on June 11, but the 40th anniversary showings will be on August 12. It’s incredible that we get to see this historically significant piece of media shown in theaters once again, but there’s a catch. It’s out for one day only, so don’t dilly-dally when it comes to snagging tickets!

If you’d rather skip the theater and celebrate on your own time, we’ve got you covered. These movie night ideas are bound to make your 40th-anniversary E.T. celebration even more special than you could possibly imagine.

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